Propreitary Panel. Project Management. Vendor Management. Custom Panel Build

Proprietary Panel

Our proprietary panel is little above half a million spread across various countries and segments. Our panel count is less but we have ensured best practices to build insightful, qualitative and valuable panel data.

We consider the nature, behavior, and psychology of the panelist to ensure that we collect complete demographic information of the participant.

With our advanced panel recruitment and profile categorization methods, we offer you b2b panel, consumer panel, and specialty panels in following countries:

  • North America : United States, Canada
  • Asia : India, China
  • Europe : United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain

Project Management

Our In-house project management tool is powerful enough to execute and manage the projects efficiently and effectively. Our project managers are well versed and equipped with latest technology and tools.

Our practical experience in the online market reasearch field has helped us to understand the cultural sensitivities, challenges and opportunities in each segement.

Vendor Management

We have expertise to manage vendors for our clients. We spend a little time with you to understand your sample needs and preferred vendors, and take the complete management of sample from that point on.

Custom Panel Build

We have over half a million members in our proprietary panel. On request of clients we have also build & manage custom panels. Our panel quote:

  • US – 87630
  • CA – 47356
  • UK – 37800
  • FR – 33756
  • DE – 30546
  • ES – 26758
  • IT – 23200
  • IN – 41456
  • CN – 40578

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